Holstein Bulls

All bull calves are raised on the farm for beef.  Hand reared, they are weaned from cows milk at 8 weeks old, and gradually introduced to home-grown calf feed.  The bulls and heifers live together in mixed groups until they reach the age of 6 months.  The bulls are moved into groups of 20/30 of a similar age.  Naturally territorial, Holstein bulls cannot graze where there are public footpaths, therefore they remain housed in loose sheds.   At 15-18 months of age, by which time they weigh over half a tonne, they are sold for beef.  For the least stress on the bulls, we only use a local reputable family-run haulage company, who take the cattle to the nearest meat processors, ABP in Shrewsbury or Pickstocks in Telford.  

We retain a bull for breeding purposes, who will be selected for conformation, genetics and temperament.  We also have resident stock bull Bobbie, a pedigree Hereford.