Mawley Holsteins

Contented, well cared for cows produce the best quality milk and cream.  Our cows are mostly home-bred Holsteins, chosen for their lovely temperament and natural capacity to produce milk.  The Mawley herd has access to pasture in the spring/summer and move indoors in the autumn/winter, always having access to ad-lib forage, fresh water and clean bedding.  Our small team of experienced herdsmen, who have a wealth of experience in cow care and animal husbandry, look after the herd 365 days a year.

Cows with Fitbits!

An Automatic Milking System (AMS), manufactured by Fullwood in Shropshire, milks our cows as often as they feel they need to, 24 hours a day.  Gone are the days of the cows queuing up every 12 hours to be milked. Our cows just wander to the AMS and are milked by a robotic arm.  The cow stands and eats while she is milking, and the information regarding yield and milk quality feeds from the pedometer on her leg back to our computer system.  This allows us to monitor each cow individually as she naturally moves through the phases of lactation.