business to business

Join our community of independent businesses having fresh Mawley Milk and Cream delivered directly from the farm





1.  Order by 3pm for next day delivery

2.  We pasteurise and package the milk & cream and deliver the same day

3.  You sit back and enjoy the best local milk in your favourite brew!

Quality Assurance

Red Tractor Farm Assured, SAI Global Safe & Legal, and Happerley Transparent, you can be confident of quality and high standard of animal welfare.

Flexible payment terms & easy ordering

Weekly or monthly invoicing with convenient payment methods to suit your business. For next day delivery, order by 3pm either via email, telephone, standing order or text message.

Freshness guaranteed

Bottled fresh 6 mornings a week in our dairy on the farm, Mawley Milk is delivered direct to your business the same day in refrigerated vans. Pasteurised but not homogenised, our milk is enjoyed in households and businesses across the region.

direct contact with the farm

Order direct from Adrian and Rachel. We welcome our business customers to visit Mawley Town Farm to meet our cattle in person.

Frequently asked questions

Mawley Milk is bottled freshly 6 mornings a week on site, and is delivered the same day, with a minimum of 8 days ‘Use by’

Yes!  We don’t homogenise our milk at Mawley.  Standardised milk which most people are used to has had the cream emulsified into the milk, so it no longer separates.  Our milk has the cream rise to the top – just as nature intended!  A gentle shake of the carton is all that is needed.

No, we are not an organic farm.  We believe good quality, locally produced food should be affordable for all.  There are no proven health benefits to organic milk over conventionally produced milk.  Our happy cows, sustainability, renewable energy and commitment to the environment are our recipe for quality.

Whilst we are unable to collect used standard containers, for some of our business customers 2 gallon returnable containers have been a way to reduce packaging waste.  You use, rinse & return and we thoroughly wash and sterilise before refilling.  This is dependent on your storage facilities and convenience of pouring, but is something we can discuss if this is of interest.

Mawley Milk was established in 1982, to provide our local community with fresh, nutritious milk direct from our farm.  We still have the same principles today, although our delivery area is wider.

We are happy to answer any questions and would love to hear from you.  Email or telephone 01299 270359

Our customers say

"We are always looking for ways to reduce our business' carbon footprint whist maintaining quality. Mawley Milk are not only local, but use modern techniques to save energy and still provide a happy, healthy environment for the cows"
Anthony Dillon
Platinum Pancakes
"We like to work with local sustainable businesses wherever possible and it is a pleasure to be working with Mawley Town Farm. As avid supporters of animal welfare, we love the transparency Mawley bring to their diary farming and the obvious care that goes into raising the cows that produce the milk that we are lucky enough to be able to sell."
Alice Evans
Co-owner Broad Bean, Ludlow
"Mawley provides us with high quality, ethical milk that’s a joy to work with. It steams perfectly and the texture is wonderful."
Nathan Moore
The Steam Room, Harborne
"Mawley Milk fresh double cream and whole milk gives my ice cream an amazing fresh taste, and an incredibly smooth and creamy texture"
Ericka Rayment
Founder, Ericka's Ice Cream, Worcester