The Robinson Family

at Mawley Town Farm

Mawley Milk

Mawley Milk is bottled fresh six mornings a week in our on-farm dairy, straight from our single herd of cows.  Pasteurised, but not homogenised, the cream in our milk rises to the top as nature intended – for the generations who grew up shaking their morning pint, Mawley Milk has the taste of traditional milk.  At home Mawley Milk is good in a bowl of cereal, a milkshake or a good cup of tea.  Professional bakers, baristas and chefs love to work with our milk and cream.  From flat whites to gelato, you can enjoy the taste of Mawley in many artisan products.

Two dairy cows and Robinson family
Wlima, Adrian, Lady and Rachel
Mawley Lady

New House Farm
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