Fresh milk & cream from our farm in South Shropshire

High animal welfare & environmentally Sustainable

fresh nutritious milk that does'nt cost the earth

Do you have concerns about welfare and the environment?

Have concerns about animal welfare and impact on the environment turned you away from enjoying the many benefits of drinking milk?

We care about our cows & the environment

Suppliers of 100% single origin milk & cream, we are here to showcase British dairy farming at its best, dispelling myths by education, open and honest farming.

Delivering 6 days a week

Straight from the farm to homes & businesses regionally - Shropshire, Worcestershire and Birmingham. Contact us for delivery days

cutting edge technology

Gone are the days of milking cows twice a day; our cows have the freedom to be milked on an state of the art automated system that allows them to choose when they are milked

Renewable energy & environment

The farm is run on 100% renewable electricity generated on the farm.

Sustainable, tracable, self-sufficient

Raising all our bulls for beef and growing all the cereals and forage for the cattle.

Frequently asked questions

Yes!  Our cows are milked on a very modern system, upgraded in 2019, which allows them to chose when, and how often they are milked over 24 hours.  Subject to how dry the weather has been, in the spring/summer we open the doors to the cow sheds, which allows them to chose between pasture, the sheds or milking.  The milking cows are buffer-fed all year round to make up for any shortfall in grass quality.  The youngstock and dry cows are more extensively grazed as they don’t mind the cold and wet as much!

All our bull calves are reared on the farm for beef.  Once they reach approx 550kgs (over half a tonne in weight) they go direct to our nearest abattoir at either Telford or Shrewsbury.

No!  All growth hormones have been banned for use on cattle since the 1980’s.  The cows lactate naturally for 10 months.  To produce a consistent milk supply, we calve our cows all year round, so we have a cycle of freshly calved high-yielding cows, mid-yield and low-yielding cows.   

There is a myth that cows milk contains antibiotics.  Farmers are not allowed to routinely give antibiotics to their cattle, and any antibiotics are only dispensed under veterinary supervision when absolutely necessary.  There are long meat and milk withdrawal periods for animals that have been treated.  A cow who is receiving antibiotic treatment has her milk put on ‘reject’, and her milk is not sold until she has had clear test after the withdrawal period.   We can test the individual cows’ milk on the farm, and our national milk-buyer tests each collection before it leaves the farm.  

Coming in the Autumn of 2019, Mawley Milk will be available in a small number of retail outlets local to the farm, whereby customers can refill their very own Mawley Milk 1 litre glass bottle.  More updates will be released on our social media pages.

As we are a busy working farm, for the health and safety of visitors we are not open to the public. We do host open days for the public every 2-3 years to give adults and children alike the opportunity to see the whole process of where Mawley Milk comes from.   We host occasional farm walks for groups (ie Young Farmers Clubs, school visits, Cubs/Beavers/Brownies) by prior arrangement.  

We do take veterinary students and sixth form students for work experience when possible.  We get booked up well in advance, so if you are seeking a work experience placement do get in touch as soon as possible.

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Our customers say...

"We haven't ever worked with milk that steams and textures so well, it is the perfect companion to our coffee. Thank you Mawley"
Sam smith
Founder, Waylands Yard, 6 Foregate St Worcs and 41 Bull St Birmingham
"Mawley Milk gives my ice cream an amazing fresh taste and incredible creamy texture. Just visiting their farm you can see how much they care about their cows, the environment and community"
Ericka Rayment
Founder, Ericka's Ice Cream, Severn Side, Worcester
"We only use quality, local, sustainable produce. Happy cows are important to us too. Mawley Milk ticks every box"
Anthony Dillon
Platinum Pancakes
"A traditional farm, using innovative technology to allow their cows to enjoy a quality of life and get a fair price for milk is exactly what appealed to us. We are delighted to stock this delicious, creamy topped milk for sale in our shop"
Meg Jagger
Battlefield 1403 Farm Shop, Shrewsbury