Renewable Energy

Mawley Town Farm is run off 100% renewable electricity produced on the farm, reducing our carbon footprint.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our cows are milked on a state of the art Fullwood Packo automated milking system, manufactured in the UK, that allows the cows to choose how ofter they are milked 24/7.

Delivering 6 days a week

Straight from the farm businesses regionally - Shropshire, Worcestershire and Birmingham

Self Sufficient

We grow 100% of the forage and cereals we feed our cattle, reducing food milk and offering unmatched traceability


Members of environmental schemes including the Countryside Stewardship Scheme we are playing our part in looking after the countryside.

Quality Assurance

Mawley Town Farm is Red Tractor Farm Assured, SAI Global Safe and Legal, and Happerley Transparent Gold Producer

Call us: 01299 270359
office hours: 9am - 3pm
Mon - thurs