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A warm welcome to our latest news posts. If there is an area of interest you would like to know more about please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! #TeamMawley

Easter on the Farm

Welcome back friends, its good to have you here! April is such a lovely month, winter feels very much behind us and there’s the feeling

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Farmyard Friends!

Welcome friends! Today I will introduce you to some familiar faces from the farm. Meet our pets; all with their own unique characters! The Farm

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Welcome back to our Latest News page! This week I am exploring the ways in which we have embraced change and diversified the farm over

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Our Chosen Charities

Hello and welcome back friends!  This week I wanted to tell you about our chosen charities and why they mean so much to our family.

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Spring is in the air

Hello friends and welcome back to the Mawley Town Farm latest news page.  This week we are looking at our arable enterprise, what we grow

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