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What happens to the bull calves?

Our dairy farm keeps and raises all of our newborn bull calves to be beef cattle. This bull calf management supports animal welfare while also creating a sustainable farm ecosystem to respectfully use all assets of dairy operations. We take great pride in being able to offer both milk and meat products that our own herd produces.

Do your cows go outside?

During the spring and summer months, our cows have access to graze in pastures when weather permits. Along with pasture access, our cows return to the milking shed at their own pace to be milked when needed or desired on the robotic milking system. This voluntary milking system means each cow approaches the robot individually when she feels the need to be milked, rather than our farmers retrieving the cows or milking at strict time intervals.
This balance allows for natural behaviors while still collecting milk conveniently using farm technology.

Do you sell raw milk?

We are unable to legally provide raw (unpasteurised) cow's milk to customers due to not having the licensing required to sell this product in compliance with food safety regulations. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has outlined health risks associated with consuming raw milk as the lack of pasteurisation may allow harmful bacteria to be present. If considering drinking raw cow’s milk, please first read the FSA consumer guidance here for important information to make an informed choice: Licenced producers in England and Wales are also listed here.

What is non-homogenised?

Mawley Milk is not homogenised - our cream naturally rises to the top.
Homogenisation emulsifies cream into the milk - in our opinion it takes aways from its natural taste and smooth texture. Most supermarket milk is standardised and homogenised.  
Non-homogenised milk still contains the same nutritional components, it simply hasn't been processed to evenly distribute the fat. The natural separation of cream may require periodically remixing the milk before drinking or pouring. Non-homogenised milk may be preferred by those wanting a less processed and more natural product.

Does milk contain hormones or antibiotics?

British milk does not contain any  hormones or antibiotics. 

At Mawley, antibiotics are only used when absolutely necessary, under veterinary advice. We adhere to strict standards and protocols on antibiotic usage in our dairy cows.

Milk from any cow treated with antibiotics has a strict withdrawal period and is tested prior to going into our food chain to ensure there are no antibiotic residues.
Our customers can remain fully confident that the milk they purchase comes from cows not treated with hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.

How old are the calves when they are separated from their mothers?

Holstein calf, Mawley District Wilma

Our standard procedure is to carefully separate calves from their mothers between 12-24 hours after birth. This aligns with international research from the Farm Animal Welfare Committee indicating this is an appropriate window to balance welfare needs while reducing separation stress.

Newborn calves do initially need the mother’s colostrum for sustenance and immunity buildup. However, separating the calf within this time-frame prevents distress that could occur if left together for longer periods.

The calves are moved to safe, climate-controlled group housing with ready access to nutrition from cows milk or milk replacement. Experienced caretakers look after the calf groups and their needs. This supports growth while gradually transitioning to solid feeds over time.

We house the calves in groups and foster positive human interaction. We stay current on the latest research to continualy evolve our practices that optimise cow health, welfare and production.  The needs of the cows and calves guide our protocols from birth through to adulthood.

Testimonials - heres what our customers say...

Customer testimonials

“We havent ever worked with milk that steams and textures so well, it is the perfect companion to our coffee.  Thank you Mawley!”  

–  Sam Smith  –

Founder, Waylands Yard

“As avid supporters of animal welfare, we love the transparency Mawley bring to their dairy farming and the obvious care that goes into raising the cows that produce the milk that we are lucky enough to be able to sell”.

–  Alice Evans  –

Broad Bean

Customer testimonials

“A traditional farm, using innovative technology to allow their cows to enjoy a quality life and get a fair price for milk is exactly what appealed to us.  We are delighted to stock this delicious creamy topped milk for sale in our shop”.

–  Meg Jagger  –

Battlefield Farm Shop

Customer testimonials