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  • do your cattle graze?

Yes! .  In the spring/summer the cows have access permanent pasture, allowing them to choose indoors or outdoors.  They also have access to the 24/7 automated milking system.

  • what happens to the bull calves?

All bull calves are reared to maturity for beef, even the Holsteins.

  • does milk contain hormones or antibiotics?

British milk does not contain any  hormones or antibiotics.  At Mawley, antibiotics are only used when absolutely necessary, under veterinary advise.

  • what is the shelflife?

Bottled fresh 6 mornings a week in our on-farm dairy, Mawley Milk is delivered with a minimum of 8 days Use By date.

  • what is non-homogenised?

Mawley Milk is not homogenised – the cream naturally rises to the top.  Homogenisation emulsifies cream into the milk – in our opinion this spoils the taste and quality.  Most supermarket milk is standardised and homogenised.  

  • certifications

Mawley Town Farm is a Red Tractor Farm Assured dairy farm.  The dairy is SAI Global Safe & Legal.  We are a Happerley Transparent Gold producer – guaranteeing food provenance and tracability.

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