100KW Solar Panels

The first of our renewable technologies to be installed, the solar panels are hardly seen on the roof of our grain store.  They are a steady reliable source of electricity.

75KW Wind Turbine

What has become a local landmark, our 75kw wind turbine is the second of our renewable technologies.  2 years in the planning process, the turbine was finally erected in 2012.

80KW Biogas

Our anaerobic digester is the latest in our renewable technologies.  It produces electricity and hot water from the gases that are released from slurry that is cleared from the cow sheds.

Arable Farming

Our farm has a mixture of permanent grazing and productive arable land.  Working with the seasons, we plant and harvest all forage and cereals for the cattle feed, adding to our traceability and reducing food miles.

Countryside Stewardship

Dedicated areas of land are given over to wild bird cover and grass margins. Over 11 kilometers of hedgerows provide food and shelter for a host of wildlife. We are thrilled to have regular visits from nearby nesting Red Kites, Lapwings and Harvest Mice to name a few native visitors.

Natural Fertilizers

Our cattle provide us with an abundance of manure - none of which goes to waste.  All farmyard manure is spread back on the land - a great organic fertiliser which improves soil structure and the crops quite literally thrive off it!

Bull Beef

All bull (male) calves are kept and reared to maturity here at Mawley Town Farm for beef.  

Homebred Cattle

The Mawley Holsteins on the farm today can be traced back to the first registered pedigree cattle we bred when we came to Mawley over 40 years ago.

First Class Animal Husbandry

The herd is looked after by the small but mighty  'Team Mawley'.   Headed up by Adrian & Trevor, who have inside out knowledge of our cattle,  it takes passion, dedication and many hours of hardwork to keep our herd in tip top condition.