Cows in Winter ❄️

So we’ve made it through January but we still have a couple months before spring is here and the frosts have gone.


We do all we can to keep our cows as comfortable as possible to get them through the winter months in the cow sheds… read on to find out how technology and modern housing all contribute to their overall well being and welfare.


🐮 The cows have 24/7 access to the milking robots, allowing them to take themselves for milking whenever they chose to.  This is really important to maintain udder health, and is also more ‘natural’ than a conventional milking system where cows may only be milked twice a day.


🐮 Access to ad-lib forage and fresh drinking water at all times which is vital for ruminants. 


🐮 Padded matresses raised a few inches off the ground called ‘cubicles’ give the cows somewhere comfortable and dry to lie down.  The matresses are topped with finely chopped straw (grown on the farm) for extra comfort.


🐮 Automatic scrapers keep the passageways clear of 💩  and at least twice a day we use a hand-scraper for the parts the auto-scrapers cant reach – cows arent fussy where they ‘go’ 😄


🐮 Automatic rotating brushes – just for a satisfying scratch  or to help shed loose hair when moulting.


🐮 Modern, well ventilated housing with plently of space to wonder about, or to hangout with friends in the herd 🐄🐄


🐮 Lumens – specialist lighting at nighttime allows enough light for them to see where they are going, but dim enough to let them get a good rest 💡

Mawley Milking Fact 🤓 on average between 6pm and 6am, the 271 milking cows visit the robots a total of 451 times… thats 75 milkings on each of the 6 robots! Herd average is 3.2 milkings in 24 hours.  And remember, this is the cows taking themselves for milking, we dont round them up! 😊️

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