Farm Assurance and what it means for you

Welcome, friends! This week I am exploring the importance of Red Tractor Assurance, and what it means to the consumer.

What is 'Red Tractor'?

You may have noticed the Red Tracor logo on our website or on food you buy in supermarkets.  With so many labels, laws and logos I want to look at what it means for consumers.  

Red Tractor Assurance is a scheme championing British food and drink – the largest of its kind in the UK.  A non-profit independent company who seek to provide stability and consistency by a single set of assured standards.

The ‘Red Tractor’ logo is only found on food that is produced, packed, stored and transported in the UK.  This includes meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables and foods such as flour & breakfast cereals and drinks such as beer and fruit juices. 

What Red Tractor Covers

The scope of the scheme covers animal welfare, environmental protection, food safety and traceability.  Fully documented audits are carried out by independent companies therefore ensuring impartiality. 

Home grown grass silage for cow feed

What does this mean for consumers?

Red Tractor continually review and improve standards farmers work to and are considered to be the benchmark by all major supermarkets.   As a result, if you dont have access to local artisan produce (such as Mawley Milk), consumers who rely on supermarkets, the Red Tractor gives confidence food you are buying is safe and grown/reared to very high standards.  

Mawley Town Farm - Red Tractor Farm Assured

Mawley Town Farm is dairy, beef and lamb Red Tractor Farm Assured.  Therefore we don’t use hormones, medicines are used responsibly under veterinary advice and our animals are well cared for under strict guidelines.  Furthermore we undergo rigorous auditing to earn our Red Tractor Assured status.

In conclusion, the next time you buy at the supermarket, look out for the the Red Tractor logo for tracable British food farmed with care.

For further information visit the Red Tractor website here.

Thank you for reading! Next week I'll be keeping the 'tractor' theme and taking a look at our tractors and their different uses around the farm. Take care, Rachel #TeamMawley

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