Our Chosen Charities

Hello and welcome back friends!  This week I wanted to tell you about our chosen charities and why they mean so much to our family.

David and Margaret with Mawley Princess - the cow sent to Uganda to help fight poverty

Send a Cow

David and Margaret support many charities and one in particular that is close to their hearts is Send a Cow.  Having visited Uganda in the 1980’s and saw first-hand the povery that plighted the rural communities, they got involved with the charity from the early days.  They even ‘sent a cow’ to a Ugandan family. 

 Mawley Princess, an in-calf heifer, was flown to Uganda as a gift to a family.  The family received training and guidance from the charity how to look after her.  When the calf was born, it was then gifted to another family, and so the chain of giving continued.  The cows give milk for their families and a surplus to sell.  The charity is a ‘hand up, not a hand out’.  

Our local agricultural show, Burwarton Show, host our annual charity milkbar, where all profits we donate to Send a Cow.

Small Birmingham based charity, Little Hearts Matter, have been part of Adrian and Rachel’s life since 2006.  They received a diagnosis of their unborn baby having only half a heart.  Little Hearts Matter is there to support families whose children have this rare incorrectable congenital heart disease.  

Since the diagnosis, our family has fundraised in many ways including abseiling, swimming and running.  Rachel is a parent support volunteer for the charity.  She helps other families navigate a new diagnosis, who find themselves in the same lonely and worrying situation they were in, by offering 1:1 support.

Little Hearts Matter logo
Rachel, one of the partners at Mawley Town Farm
Mawley Milk charity milk label for the Birmingham Children's Hospital

Our link with Birmingham Childrens Hospital co-incides with our baby’s diagnosis of half a heart.  It is one of the few centres in the UK who perform the high-risk palliative surgery for children born with this particular condition.  

We are truly grateful for everything the amazing hospital staff have done for our family.  As a gesture of our gratitude, we donate a proportion of our December milk sales to the hospital.  Our friends at Buy-From designed the Christmas label for the Semi Skimmed milk, we are sure you love it as much as we do.

If you would like any more information click on the links or contact me for more information.  Best wishes, Rachel #TeamMawley

Team Mawley at the end of our Farm Open Day 2018

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