September on the farm

Wilma-cow-Mawley- Town- Farm
Wilma dairy cow at Mawley Town Farm, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire

Snow to Droughts!

What farming update in September could avoid mentioning the weather?!  With the ‘Beast from the East’ hounding us in the late winter/early spring, to almost drought-like condition in the summer… despite what the weather has thrown at us, the crops that we grow to feed the Mawley cattle didn’t suffer too much, although the maize crop, the last to be harvested at the end of September, was rather desperate for a good soaking.  Before the heatwave hit, fans were installed in the cow sheds that the girls really appreciated, as many of them opted to stay in the cool indoors than to venture outside.

Greener Milk 

The 80kw Biogas digester is up and running with its new concrete tower, and when its output is combined with that of the wind turbine and solar panels, we are now producing more electric than we need to run the farm.  The by-product from the Biogas engine is heat, which we use to heat hot water needed for the dairy, milking parlour and the farmhouse.  Amazing to think this system runs purely of what comes out of the back end of a cow!  Greener milk indeed!

Farm Visits

Last Saturday we hosted a farm walk for the Bridgnorth Lions, who enjoyed a tour of Mawley Town Farm then went for dinner at Cleobury Golf Club, which very handily is next door!   This week we also welcomed the committee members from Burwarton Show for a farm walk to show our appreciation for allowing us to have our charity milkbar over the years.  We sell ‘Mawley Milkshakes’  and other refreshment’s with all profit donated to ‘Send a Cow’.  We are delighted that the profit from this years stand was £822.


Fundraising at Ludlow Food Festival 

Ludlow Food Festival is coming up this week (7th , 8th and 9th September) and Mawley Milk will be exhibiting for the first time with the Buy From Shropshire Food & Drink hub members.  We will sell our ‘Mawley Milkshakes’, not for profit, with all donations for Little Hearts Matter.  We chose this charity to raise awareness and vital funds for children born with half a heart, as our own son was affected by this rare heart disease in 2006.  Hopefully over the weekend we will raise lots of money; every penny of which will help the charity continue their work to support families like ours.  More information on Little Hearts Matter can be found here.

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